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With Stitching Lives

2023 Highlights

The 2023 inaugural “Stitching Lives” Women’s Retreat was held at Villa Terra in Davie, FL, a newly remodeled Luxury Estate sitting on an oversized lot, showcasing resort style amenities, and offering unrivaled entertainment for absolutely everyone. This masterpiece provided the perfect opportunity for us to step out of our everyday lives, take a break from the ordinary and focus on the beauty and majesty of God.


There were chefs onsite to provide all meals and refreshments throughout the day and for the special events and curated sessions. The dress code was “comfy/casual” to allow everyone to relax and feel truly at home for the workshops during the day. 


Onsite packages were available for those who wished to stay on-premise for the entire retreat. There were multiple options available that ranged from semi-private accommodations (double-occupancy) which allowed connections with sisters-in-Christ. Or, if you thrived off the energy of others and relished interacting with multiple people, there were packages (quadruple-occupancy) that offered that. These package provided simplicity and affordability and fostered continued bonding even after the curated sessions came to an end, allowing guests to build lasting relationships that extended beyond the retreat.


Each On-Premise Package included the following amenities:

  • Ability to tour the premises at your leisure and enjoy the amenities (Outdoor Pool, Basketball Court, Lakeside Gazebo, Movie Theater, Putting Green, Ping-Pong, Batting Cage, and more).

  • Goodie/Go-Bag with key takeaways and some mementos from the retreat

  • Resource materials for planned sessions and activities

  • Pajama Party “gift”

  • After-hour snacks and aperitifs

  • Friday & Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Coffee/Beverages

  • Sunday:  Breakfast



“Stitching Lives” Women’s Retreat is long overdue! The Lord spoke it a while ago and it has remained on my heart.  It has now become an urgency.


As women, we play many roles and wear many hats.  We are mothers, daughters, sisters, business owners, leaders, and more.  We carry so much but I realized that we all have one thing in common:  we need a safe space.  I have been privileged to hear the highs and lows, the sadness, fears and the accomplishments. Women find my salon to be that safe space for counsel, prayer, trust, and confidence.  Upon reflecting on a few of those sessions, I received the revelation that when we’re broken, we can get stitched back together. 


Life challenges can cause us to feel broken and alone. As a result, we walk around with so many fractures and scars from life.  When we become broken, we try to patch things up ourselves.  But I see the hands of God stitching back together the wounds and brokenness.


“Stitching Lives” is about delivering and empowering women.  During this retreat, expect to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit that will heal your brokenness, reignite the flame that has gone out in you, and remove the discontent and feelings of desolation.  So many women are gifted and successful but feel like a private failure.  This retreat will be a safe, judgment-free space that is free from the suspicions of others, free from the past and will strengthen your identity in Christ. 


This retreat will focus on having God at the center of all you do and teach you how to destroy those thoughts that make you believe you are a failure.


It’s time to shake loose from bondage and break the chains that are preventing you from being that accomplished woman in your own right or that successful entrepreneur and look good while doing it.  And, doing it while walking in the Will of God.

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